Vinyl wrapping is a great substitute for paint, comes in a vast range of colours and effects, and can be applied to almost anything! 

It is a very fast growing marketplace, and is quickly being recognised worldwide as not only a great way to change your objects appearance (whether it be a car, bike, fridge or almost anything else), but an excellent way to protect what lies underneath the wrap from damage.

It protects vehicle paint from scratches, chips, bugs, tar and other possible blemishes.

The greatest part of the process is that when you decide you want a change, we can simply remove the vinyl wrap leaving the existing finish exactly as it was before the wrap. This makes it great for 'out there' advertising schemes, personal project or race cars, and new vehicles to hold resale value.


At The SignLab in Christchurch, we specialise in all aspects of vinyl wrapping for cars and motorbikes, and pride ourselves on delivering an unmatched product both in quality and in creativity!

Our vehicle wrapping process is one of the most comprehensive in New Zealand.

We begin with our qualified panel beater completely stripping the vehicle down - removing lights, bumpers, trims, badges, handles, mirrors etc.

The vehicle then goes through a 3 stage cleaning process, before the vinyl is applied.

Once the desired effect or colour is complete, our panel beater then re-assembles the vehicle, ensuring that all panels go on correctly, with no damaged trims, missing bolts or broken clips anywhere.


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